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Laminate Flooring in Norcross, the cheapest and durable alternative for hardwood flooring you’ll find today

When you choose the right laminate flooring in Norcross, GA for your home, you are not just looking for the style and designs, but also you would want to know about its cost durability, and toughness and if it is going to stand the test of time.

With the new technology, depending on the quality of the product, laminate flooring is durable and can last a long long time. It is estimated to last between 15-25  years. 

For the laminate flooring, there are 4 distinct layers, combined, they form a solid and durable piece of flooring.


    1. Wear Layer: The top layer of your laminate floor is melamine or urethane, to protect the floor from damages.
    2. Design Layer: The 2nd layer. This will be the printed and photo-realistic image of either wood, tile, or stone. The printed image emulates the appearance of hardwood or tile.
    3. Inner Core: This will be the thickest layer because it is composed of wood pulp adhered together keeps your laminate floor stable and flat.
    4. Backing: This is the last layer- melamine backing. This backing layer is a barrier to keep water out, to avoid warping.

To produce each plank, these 4 pieces are pressed firmly together using high-pressure construction. It uses a click-and-lock installation system that does not require adhesives. It can be installed over any other tightly bonded flooring and can be installed in one day. Please be advised that it is important to know to use cleaning products that won’t damage the protective surface. Steer clear of solutions that contain ammonia or vinegar. Acidic substances can damage the protective layer. 

Cleaning the laminate floors

Regular cleaning of your laminate floors can lengthen their lifespan.

* Mop your laminate floors with a damp mop only.

* Water can cause the laminate floors to warp and must be dried quickly.

* Clean your floor regularly to get rid of debris that could scrape the floors.

* Trim the nails of your pets so they will not scratch the top layer of the floor. If it is penetrated, water and moisture could enter underneath and cause damage.

Laminate floors will last for more than 10 years, if it is taken care of, it will depend on how much foot traffic through the years. If there are no children or pets, it could last up to 25 years. 


Laminate flooring is typically between $1-5 per square foot. The price will depend on the thickness of your flooring materials and the design styles you choose. It is a good alternative for hardwood.

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